Purpose of Jackolytes?

I received a gift at the postmaster containing 3 consumables called Jackolytes. When I used one I got this pretty awesome pumpkin on my head, but I can’t seem to figure out what else they do. Here’s the definition: “The Hive may haunt the dreams of children, but you haunt the dreams of the hive.”

Edit: Apparently yellow bar Hive enemies also have a chance of dropping these consumables as well, I just killed a yellow bar hive and got one.

I think it’s just aesthetic.

According to Guardian Adrian, the Jackolyte gives you extra glimmer during hive missions or something.

Well then, time to farm yellow bar hive and get a bunch of these things! :smile:

Wonder if they expire

Got Black Wax Idol? The stuff used to obtain glimmer off any hive enemy.

Yeah I do, but they seem to drop the Jackolytes as well. And I’d rather have those considering you get an awesome looking pumpkin on your head when you use it (as well as they last 30min each).

I hope not…

I messed up…went to the Postmaster, took the gift, but had a full inventory so I don’t see/have it.
…is there anything I could do to get it back?

I’m confused because I thought the game wouldn’t allow you to take something if your slots were already full?

If you can’t get them back you can kill hive majors or ultras and get them. I’ve been farming for about 20min and I’ve got 18 so far.

Haven’t used my 3 yet, but i seen a few people at the tower running around with pumpkin heads…lol

Are you sure it isn’t because you used that consumable because I’m currently doing the Nightfall, am killing a ton of Yellow Fallen, yet have yet to get a consumable called Jackolyte.

They drop from Hive, not fallen

Ha, apparently I can’t read correctly today.
Sorry and thanks!

I seen someone on the moon with it on. He was just staring at me to make sure that I seen him with it. They look pretty stupid.

Sneaks on pumpkin head

Where exactly are you farming? I’m killing the majors that you find near spawn on earth and I still haven’t gotten one after 5 minutes.

“We’ve awoken the hive!” hint, hint :wink:

Go into the temple of crota.

my guess would be they are only obtainable during hallowen time

considering they are pumpkins that make u look like sleepy hollow and its 3 days away

I read somewhere that you can only have 5 in both your inventory and vault

i have a bunch of these, whenever i need glimmer i go to my checkpoint on hard at The shrine of oryx mission rinse and repeat