Quality of Life suggestion

So, love the app a lot. I became a paying member after I realized how much I use it. Just wonderful. So thanks for creating it.

Though I have a suggestion I would love to see added to the app itself (besides more cheats). User created games lists or “Owned” list. I know it detects installed games and puts them into a list of available games as well as the favorites list. Though I would like a list of all my games that have cheats. Weather I create it or the app auto detects the games I own.

I tried to favorite all the games I own (but not installed). Sadly the list is only showing me 26 titles. I have way more that have cheats for them. Like .hack//G.U. Last Record. I have that favorite-ed but it’s not in the favorites. It seems that only installed favorite games show up in the list.

Detecting games I own with cheats would be great but also Customizable lists would be nice. I could make a list of JRPG and one for Open World Survivals. Or grindfest games and drawn out strategies. Games I just want to enjoy the story and not the games style I don’t like or have time for.

Well this is just a thought. I will continue to enjoy the app for a long time.

Thanks again and happy gaming.

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for supporting the development and maintenance of WeMod by going Pro. :slight_smile:

This was actually already suggested yesterday (the owned games list). And the lead developer already responded.
Check it out here: Owned and Trainer available suggestion - #3 by frank. :slight_smile: