Quantum Break

please tell me, will Trainer for the game Quantum Break on PC ?

Try suggesting it, might happen

It is hoped that it will be

Don’t hold your breath unfortunately you might not see this table for awhile and the only way to get this right now is to pay for a month on Cheat Happens website so the chances you will see a free table of this or cheat engine will be months.

@vnvstarr Why would you even say that? The only reason this game hasnt had a trainer yet is because of the win store being a pain to buy something from ( at least for me). Another dev will make a trainer for this or i’ll figure something out.

PS: We were the first one to make a trainer for GOW UE before CH made theirs with the exact same options as ours.

We’ll work on a trainer for the game.

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Thank you, will definitely wait for your work

Wasn’t meant as an insult, but the whole windows store situation after the game went live it seems everyone who didn’t get an early code is having trouble even getting the game.

PS: I was not complementing CH lol.

Ah no worries. You sounded so grim and hopeless like CH was the only hope, it isn’t :smile:

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Tell me, when about Trainer will?

I look done already Trainer Quantum Break: Trainer (+11) [] {FLiNG}
Trainer run on the desktop, and then run the game, it works on the licenses purchased in the Store

tell you to wait trainer for this game ?

Can’t wait for one to be made. Currently downloading my free copy. From when I pre-ordered the digital xbox version.