Question about a particular mod to a 360 save

For some odd reason my game has been glitched to not allow joining of the Dark Brotherhood, this all started back when i downloaded the Dragonborn dlc, i’ve deleted and re-downloaded it hundreds of times, nothing fixes it, basically after killing Greland and returning to the kid, Astrid never abducts you when you sleep… the only thing i haven’t tried “and will NEVER try” is adding the legendary patch and thats because i don’t want my character stats reset, they’re perfect and it took me YEARS to find people online nice enough to mod them this way so that would ruin the game for me… is it possible for someone to maybe use a pc command on one or two of my saves to start me in the Dark Brotherhood? or at the very least get rid of this annoying glitch that causes Astrid to never show up? if somebody could help with this i would be eternally greatful! i’m desperate and have tried everything besides what i mentioned for obvious reasons.
also on a side note, is it possible to take away the stupid infinite health crap on kids and essential npc’s on a 360 save? will it stick?

I didn’t think the legendary patch actually changed anything with levels except by removing the cap and allowing the option of making a skill legendary. It should actually affect anything.

You might be able to just start the quest to join it by using the command ‘setstage’.

There is no way to make children killable, because it is tied to the race itself. You could change their race, but then they aren’t children.

no, what it does is “resets” all your hard earned skills, basically forcing you to start over, as well as screwing up the restoration potion loop trick “which i HEAVILY rely on to mod my stats, as i’m not on pc” basically that patch would render all my saves useless… i’m just wanting to know if someone could maybe take a few saves of mine and just use console commands to place me at the beginning intro of the Dark Brotherhood "where you wake up after being abducted by Astrid, cause for some annoying reason this never activates on my game"
and i wasn’t so much talking about the kid npc’s, just using them as an example, i couldn’t care less about them, i was referring to all the “essential” characters who cheat by being invincible, some don’t even play a big role in the game so it makes no sense! i was wondering if it was possible to place the pc mod which removes their “essential” label, thus taking away their infinite health bs, and place it on an xbox save… i know certain mods like this CAN be placed onto a 360 save and WILL actually stick, not sure about this one, which is why i was asking.

SetEssential is a command that does stick on the Xbox transfer, but the problem is that the child NPCs aren’t actually set to essential (I’ve looked through the Creation Kit multiple times to try and figure this out a long time ago).

The problem is with the race itself for children, and it is the race that is unkillable.
It’s the same reason why they don’t act like normal essential characters by just getting knocked out, because the race itself is immune to damage.

I also have not had Skyrim installed on my PC for a while, and you’ll need someone else to do the ‘SetStage’ command.
As for the Legendary Skills, are your skills above 100? That would be the only thing that I can think that would change things, because when I installed the Legendary patch, my skills were at the same level they were before I applied it: 100.

what i’m trying to say m8 is i DON’T WANT the kids being killable, they can stay immortal, i don’t care about them, i just want to be able to kill every other npc, example- i get so pissed off trying to wipe out camps of Imperials when rp’ing Stormcloak hit squads and every damn time its the same scenario, i manage to kill every last one but the stupid cheating infinite health having captain won’t go down, and worse he won’t ever stop attacking so eventually the only way to get rid of the damn cheater is to take off running till he’s more than half the maps length away, this is beyond annoying when you’re trying to rp… which is why i could seriously use this mod.
right now most of my characters are between levels 72 to 80, all magicka schools are at 100, everything else i’m not too sure about say for lockpicking, archery, alchemy and enchanting as i like to keep those at 100.

ah, lol, so yeah, setting them as non-essential would do the trick.

The best thing I can think of (if you cannot get the game to open on the PC) would be to get a batch file together (just a .txt) with all the commands to make all the NPCs that you want dead in there, and then the modder can just run the batch, save, and done.

Use the wiki, and search for the NPC’s name, and you need the Base ID for the ‘SetEssential’ command (you can also use it on yourself, lol).

Example for killing Cicero, Delphine, and Esbern:

SetEssential 0009BCAF 0
SetEssential 00013478 0
SetEssential 00013358 0

thanks i’ll check it out, but its gonna be a long console command… didn’t know the essential label had a different code for each character…