Question about a possible Farcry 3 mod

Does anyone know if its possible to “unlock” the entire map on a save, so that when you try to cross over to different islands it doesn’t magically teleport you back? this is so frustrating, all i wanna do is hunt strongholds but i’ve cleared out all the one’s near me, the rest are across the ocean and i can’t get to them due to this annoyance preventing me, and the story missions are next to impossible, boring as hell, and make no sense so… i’d love to avoid completing them if i can.

I don’t think it’s possible my dude. You have to complete the missions. And they aren’t impossible, they are actually really easy. If you are struggling just mod you gamesave give you some extra ammo and whatnot.

dude, impossible doesn’t even begin to describe… most of them are timed so its ALL based on LUCK not skill, and then they take all your guns, leaving you with nothing but enemy AK’s to grab, providing you’re lucky enough to sneak up behind one without getting spotted by the hundreds of RPG assholes that can 1 shot you “this also means ammo modding wouldn’t help” on top of all this unfairness even your health syringes are taken from you… basically there is no way in hell to go any further, i’ve tried for hours, and i’m damn good at this game too btw, i’ve taken strongholds down that were loaded with choppers which i’m pretty sure you weren’t even supposed to be able to yet.

I’ve completed FC3 multiple times on both 360 and PC, and I personally find the game pretty easy.
Although I do remember the specific mission your on about (I think? the one where you gotta sneak out of some cave thing and hijack a chopper?)
and it did take me multiple tries, but it gets easier when you know where the enemies are.
What I’d do was take out the first set of guys, go up to the hill-area and wait for the one patrolling dude to walk by, kill him from above then focus on snipers/RPG’s, once they’re out it’s pretty easy from there.
Also, Instead of going over the bridge you can go left and go around the big rock.
That is, if this is the mission I think you’re doing.

P.S, You don’t need health syringes to be able to heal yourself.

yup… thats the one m8, Voos kicks you in the water and you magically just break the ropes tied to your hands “yeah thats believable, another reason i hate these missions, they make no sense!” and i’ve tried passing it to no avail, i finally gave up and the only reason i’m not just searching for a save with story completed and all sides there for the doing is cause i’ve worked too hard on this save for all that… and yes i’m aware you can heal without syringes, i have that skill unlocked but it takes longer and looks stupid, err… i just don’t like it, feels cheap. lol
EDIT- i did it!!! FINALLY! :thumbsup:
didn’t think i was ever going to get past the part where you gotta keep the damn detective guy from dying, he died on me at least a dozen times before i finally just went Terminator and stood in front of him taking the damage for him and ripping the bullets back out of myself while tossing molotovs like a madman, good thing your character is Sponge Bob on this game, nothing short of an RPG will kill you and sometimes you can even live through that! beyond ridiculous but would be impossible with a normal health system…