Question about my soldering job

Just really looking for feedback. Is it good? Bad? What could change? I tried using JRP 2 and pressing f2 in JRunner but it said could not find device and couldn’t continue which is why I’m asking about my solder job. The JRP logo won’t show up in j-runner and it’s been updated and the light is green

Any ideas?

Links are broke :anguished:


ignor the flux mess >.<

I saw, I’d just go lighter on the flux and a little less on the joints that are cramped close, last thing you want is a micro connection. Lots of poof no power lol

Any reason my JRP isn’t recognizing in j runner?

Its possible you could have burnt it out. However before jumping to that, i would first double check that your drivers are properly installed and that your JRP isnt in bootloader mode.

I do not know a lot when it comes to a JTAG/RGH console, but I do know soldering. Believe me when I say this, I’ve seen people who have been working with electronics for a good period of time and still solder like crap so, again, believe me when I say your joints could have come out much worse! Now, like I said, your joints aren’t all that bad, they could get the job done, but what you’d want to strive for is less of a bubble and more of a volcano look.

Here are some examples or guides you could quickly read that may give you a better idea:

[details=Open Me]


Like all things, soldering takes some practice and can be very difficult when working with heavily crowded boards or small components, obviously. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with whatever you are trying to accomplish modding wise!