Question about the Disscord Server Role's / Server Rank etc


I have a question about some Server Groups

How i get this ?

For example : Beta Tester , Pro , Old Timer , Member , etc…

Those are really for people that been here for a long time
You have member but longer you are here they unlock
Old timer is like what 5 years here
Beta test - they dont need any more
Pro - have to pay for the app which give you access to the phone app can turn cheats off / on from your phone !

Just see who has the badge n click on there name it will tell you what you have to do

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i dont have member on the Disscord or another group / role / rank etc…

You have to go into your account n link your account with discord

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i dont find it

On the main site,

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Click on " my account " on the top. It will say link discord

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ah you mean this i am linked for long time ago but i dont have the group , server group

Well you have to work your way up to differnt" ranks - rolls "
Cant just join and in one two days excpect to have " rolls or ranks " have to be active and been here for a long time

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i have pressed unlink and now i cant link it again

When you press the CONNECT TO DISCORD button you come to this site and i think this is not right

I know the Problem "POP UP BLOCKER"

Admin - Become an Admin of WeMod.
Mod - Become a Moderator of WeMod
Creator - Become a cheats creators
Pro - Subscribe
Old Timer - Join in 2012 or before(Maybe we changed this?)
Beta Tester - Become a Beta Tester

The member roll doesn’t grant you anything extra.

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You’re not going to get any role. If you subscribe to PRO then you will get the PRO role in discord but that’s about it

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And hitting the "like " button on every single comment doesnt do much of anything. Lol

i want some badge for example the like badge ^^

Here now you have a Like badge. Enjoy!


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You have 8 of em already. How many you want ?

All ^^

Well you’re going to be staying for a long time here then.
I doubt you will get all of them but who knows

I just got Pro but it’s not connecting to my discord account after I connected to my discord account