Question about wemod trainer?

I was using wemod trainer for mea mass effect andromeda and I’ve googled about this issue and every site was showing that the wemod trainers are free to use but on my wemod trainer hovering my mouse pointer over the trainer options show something like “this feature is for pro” or something even when I hit the num 1 in my mea game a pop up showing the pro adv as if the trainer is for pro only so I am guessing that it’s a lie and trainers are for pro only?

nah, the trainers are all free to use.


Trainers are free to use. You need to use hotkeys to activate cheats.

Other features that give you better control over your cheats (and give you more power over which games get trainers made or updated) require a Pro subscription to support the costs of maintaining the software, paying the cheat developers so they can eat, and running the company.

If you don’t have a Pro subscription, you will get adverts instead, to help WeMod cover some (not a lot) of the costs.

See these related links in the official help centre. Posts in third-party platforms written by random people who have no clue about the inner workings of WeMod are not the best sources.

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