Question abuot DemoN Dual NAND

So I’m thinking about JTAG’ing my current Xbox Slim with the DemoN Dual NAND chip and I’m going to purchase it here:

I’m going to be using the tutorial / information listed here:

I’m just curious if there’s some other links and information I’ll need before performing such task. I’m familiar with flashing and soldering so I’m sure this won’t be a crazy task as long as I have the needed instructions in front of me, but I want to make sure that I won’t need anything else other than the chip, wires, and anything else listed on the Team Xecuter website. It’s been a while for me and I know I’d love to have the luxury of a console where I can turn my JTAG on and off basically. I don’t plan on taking the JTAG’ed part of the console online anytime soon or at least until I start toying with it more. I really only plan on downloading games and playing them locally just for my own personal benefit.

Also more information on the Xbox, I do have a Trinity motherboard. I double checked my manufacturer date (6/22/11) and PSU amps (10.83A). The dashboard is on the most up to date dash and if there’s anything else I need to follow, I’d greatly appreciate any help. I’ll also be following the guide below for some help as well:

Should be obvious but make sure you have a programmer like NAND-X or JR-Programmer

Alright I will. I assume I’ll need the CoolRunner chip too, or is this the CoolRunner I’m looking for. I hate how long I’ve been out of the loop. -_-

Still looking for some answers and would greatly appreciate all the help possible.