Question re Trainer

Hi folk. just need some information about a button in the Trainer.

Can someone please explain to me exactly what the button ZA WARODO [TIME STOP} does. Would it stop the Seasons from changing. At present I am stuck in winter. I have been there for over an hour of real time play and all my people are dying of starvation. The problem only started when I activated the Trainer, so I am wondering if I accidently caused this by selecting the forementioned button? Please help me.
Also, will the Trainer work if there are mods in the game. I have not added any at this time.

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Which game are you referring to / using a trainer for?

With thousands of trainers for thousands of games here at WeMod, you’d need to mention:

  1. What game you’re playing.
  2. Where you got the game from (Steam, Epic, etc).

As for this question:

It depends.
As long as the mod doesn’t alter the same memory addresses as the trainer alters, then they will work fine. Otherwise, if they both alter the same memory addresses then it will be just like when a mod usually conflicts with another mod, either one of them will stop working because it is overwritten by the other, or the game will crash.
I’ve used mods with trainers on many games. There’s usually no conflict as long as it’s not a cheat mod (ie, a mod that gives infinite health would conflict with a trainer that gives infinite health).

WeMod doesn’t test whether games work on mods, that’s something you’ll need to do yourself. There are far too many mods for far too many games out there which are always constantly updating, it’s just impossible time-wise and funding-wise for WeMod to keep track of them all and test them all with its trainers.