Question regarding the current increase in spam

damn whats with all the spam. :open_mouth:
just a few questions regarding this cluttered mess

Who are actually the forum moderators now??
Is it Possible to maybe vote for a really active member, who we all feel should get promoted to forum moderator (just an idea).

If i was to nominate someone it would be either Zodiac or Labogani.
but due to far greater contribution to the site over the years and his absolutely crazy activity on this site i sway more to Zodiac.

We need GMT mods.

EDIT: Especially with the new Horizon release ‘coming soon’, I think this is the time to promote active members to moderator.

Not voting for Me? Well my fellow Scotman, if that’s how it is

As long as Spam does get removed eventually, why would we need to promote others from another time-zone?

We have GMT mods and it doesn’t make a difference. No you cannot nominate someone to become staff. We do not need anymore staff members at the moment.

Vote G Man for Admin.

I promise to ban that killjoy Chris, promote Mr Mod, bring back the epic section and get drunk.

The epic section is not gone. Psyco told us we had to hide it from you because you are mean to him.

Corrupt. Why would you take that philistines advice over a respected and well mannered gentleman, nay scholar like myself. Epic section was ruined once people like Hero and Pavman got access, it died a painful death after that, may it rot.

Because he promised sexual favors in return.

How about they just give me a purple name instead?



Why Purple?

I was a member of a popular machinima forum 7-8 years ago and they had MOTM and MOTY awards, I got MOTY and you got a purple name and a bunch of other cool stuff. It was just unique looking, and I like the color purple

You are not an owner, unless Cheater has traded ownership for sexual favours. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened around here, right Chris?

No comment.

They can just change the owners color to brown or something.

the vote which doesn’t matter either way now was based upon activity, if it was giveaways then you’d have won my vote hands down lol

thanks for the link and for answering my suggestion :smile:

This topic can be closed now

Not true, you guys just kept giving people epic and the section turned into ****