Questions about subsistence and a few other things

Hello every one i just wanted to say keep up the great work you guys are amazing. And is there a eta for subsistence i seen that it was approved. Being that im very new here i was wondering is there a timeline or something of the like. Any ways keep up the amazing work you guys truly are awesome and i cant wait to see what you guys do next.

Reaching the minimum vote amount does not mean it is approved, it simply means it has enough votes for us to look into it. There is still a chance we won’t/can’t support it. We cannot give ETAs for trainers as every game is different and the creators could work on updates instead of making new cheats or other games could bypass it in votes.


i though this off- topic would be about literal subsistence :thinking:


Sorry about that i didnt really know where this belongs lol

Ok and thank you for being so fast and prompt with your answer.

Ya would be nice to have one. Game looks pretty good.