Radioactive - Illustration - Huge Project!

Okay so a lot of you may know that I do graphic design as a hobby for right now (depends on if I will continue it into a career) and I know a lot of you seen much of my work before. In my opinion this is my biggest project to date, with over 6 hours of work put into this project I think that this is my best creation yet!

[b]Drawing time: Little over 2 hours

Illustrating time: Over 5 hours (not including any lighting effects)

Lighting and background time: Little over 1 hour

Total time: 11 hours 29 minutes and 34 seconds (I had the timer paused and unpaused every time I took a break, went out, and also switched from drawing to illustrating.)

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About the project: This project came to mind when I was talking to Luke (vSneakyRaptor) it just came into my head, it was originally supposed to be called “Toxic,” but I quickly decided to change the name. I wanted to draw a skeleton skull wearing a gas mask, but then I incorporated skeleton eyes sockets, with the gas mask (even though it might not seem like skeleton eye sockets, but I did try my best.) Radioactive came to mind after drawing the picture and having it scanned onto my computer, I soon started illustrating after a day and I was just having fun with it and I love the outcome, yes I know there is some problems with like work and just little errors, but for my first official illustration of something other than graffiti I think I did a great job! I will be working and practicing on a variety of illustrations and I might make a portfolio for them and I will post them on here (HorizonMB) as well.

The process: The process for making this was quite time consuming, for anyone who hasn’t been into designing or in the “illustration field” of graphic design you wouldn’t really know how much hard work it takes to make something like this. What I had to do was draw the picture on blank computer paper, scan with my printer onto my computer, move the image into Photoshop, then I had to do line work, all the black “little” lines you see were with the pentool, this process took a little over a hour and a half. Then after I did the line work I had to start adding details to the eyes, nose, mask, etc, I had to pentool every single line, and pentool to add the color, this process took over 3 hours alone. Next shadowing/lighting/texturing the mask/face this process was not easy, I had to make the whole thing blend together, I used the brush tool with a solid white and black to make the shadows look good. I also added one (1) rectangle to the top of the interface on the top of the skull/head and copied it maybe 10 times or so to fulfill a shadowed layer, I also used other shapes such as ellipse shapes and also circles, much much more was put into this project, but it would be so much to put into this. This process took over 3 hours maybe 3 and a half hours, but I really did do my best on this project and I love the outcome.

The drawing: The drawing has a lot of problems with it and I can tell you exactly what happened it is a pretty funny story. When I was drawing the picture it was early in the morning and I was really tired and I made a lot of errors, because I couldn’t really focus, so please regard all the problems and errors with the drawing.

The illustration: The illustration… I can say a thousand words about it, but there really is only one word that comes to mind when I think about it and that is advancement, I think my skills as a graphic design, but most importantly as a illustrator advanced to the next level, I am a beginner illustrator and I still need a lot of practice with illustrating. I am going to be practicing a lot as long as with drawing the pictures, I also need a lot more practice with line work as you can tell, because it is not that great.

My experience with illustrations: I really don’t have that much experience with illustrations, I really only did graffiti before like this so this was definitely a different type of project for me and totally out of my standards. Like I said previously there is a couple errors, problems here and there, but this is really only my first time doing an official illustration.

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Looks really good Lil bro
I like it.

Nice :open_mouth:

Good one mate…
I wouldn’t worry so much about your drawing, the finished product says it all !!
Well done, keep up the good work :thumbsup: