Rainbow six siege cheats

how much time does the team of Infinity need to create cheats for that game?

Dunno, but as far as i think:

  1. R6 Siege has really good anti-cheat system.

And last but not least - infinity dont support multiplayer cheating! As far as i know.

Peace. kotfie44

The gamer got SP mode though.
If they make a trainer its for that.

If not the points a refunded and game removed from request list.

i know bro infact i dont wanna cheat in multiplayer: i want this cheats only for lone wolf-terrorist hunt so i can make points faster
i know that wemod doesnt support the multiplayer cheats and i dont wanna use cheats in multiplayer in every game in this world

Yea, there is lone-wolf, something like SP, but it’s so related with multiplayer things that trainer would probably worked in online mode too. After last update they cut off even having on AutoHotKey program for possibility of no-recoil - what gave huge advantage. Most of cheating forums are on BattleEye eye :wink: so it’s hard to invent something. If You wanna make points faster play ranked. If You newbie watch tutorial movies, end situations and use prize from Uplay that gives You points - that give You points to buy some ops.

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In my opinion the game will not get a Trainer. Everything in this game is multiplayer related. Sure there’s the lone wolf but even that is synchronized with servers. Like @kotfie44 said It’s near impossible to do it since it’s way to server sided

you’re right guys: it’s all related with multiplayers but some months ago there were some trainers for the SP mode and Terrorist Hunt (lone wolf). I used they and they worked in all the SP mods like Simulations and the lone wolf of the terrorist hunt mode. So i think they can create a trainer that is compatible with all the modes (except the customs/casuals/ranked matches)

Not much but i am swamped - Trello . Lots of new game releases this week.

Working on Tales of Berseria now

Bro, if You would do something like no-recoil in AHK that was before You would be saint for me :wink: