Rainbow Six Siege players need!

Hello everyone!

Im kotfie44, level 111 as far, and i’m looking for some good players to make team with. Just send me message here.

Peace out!

Dunno why, but i think @TheLittleGnome is a good player. And my skill is nonexistence since i dont have it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I play pro league xD However, I’m taking a break at the moment… Choosing to focus on my community… I can hook you up with some solid players I know, just lemmie know what rank you are.

If You play pro league it will be shame to tell You my rank or letting Your folks play with me. I didn’t mean SO GOOD PLAYERS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Im silver rank. Second silver.

Don’t worry I can set you up with some silvers or golds xD I used to stream it on my twitch xD


ha! i knew you were SAS level of skill

Playing it right now XD Not SAS more like… Drunk hobo playing siege…

Where are You from? Or Your folks? I’m polish, so if You from States i couldn’t play at mine 3AM or something xD But if You could set me up with someone - i’m on it. I don’t even know what mean SAS level of skills xD Drunk hobo - playing after beer or two its fun, but reaction time xD its hilarious.

by SAS i meant the elite military force, they appear in lots of games so thats proff they are pretty good :nerd:

Yeah, but im from polish GROM (trans: thunder) xP they even better and they gonna be in R6 in this season :smile:

They have a badass name i give you that.

Yeap. Indeed.

Yeah Britain stuck with SAS cause we’re a sassy bunch xD

Oh, c’mon, SAS ain’t that bad xP i usually pick Sledge from SAS and he’s a thunder indeed xD