Rare Replay File Size Is Revealed

[/img]The Rare Replay was officially announced at this year’s E3 and now, just a few weeks before it’s officially released we know pretty much how much space it’s going to take up on your Xbox One. The gaming collection, featuring titles that are some of the most beloved in Xbox lore is coming August 4 and will actually have a sort of changeable size of content, depending on which games you’re most interested in playing.

The package comes with about 12GB already pre-loaded because these are the games that are no currently available on the Xbox 360. It appears Microsoft has decided these are the most likely to be games people want to play with Replay. Other games, that are available for the previous generation console will take up an additional block of space somewhere in the 36GB territory. Older games like Battletoads, Perfect Dark, R.C. Pro-Am and a few others will all be part of the set that players will install, or download right off the bat.

Any games that are currently available on the Xbox 360 will be added to your download queue but won’t be something you need to download, unless you want to play those games on something other than the 360. According to VG24/7 , the games that are downloadable but not installed or downloaded right away make up about 38GB. That means that if you do download and install everything, you’re going to have a rather decent sized game on your hands at 50GB. We’ll finally be able to see whether it’s worth it to give Rare Replay that much space when it launches or the Xbox One on August 4.

Source: TheTechGame.com