RARE Xbox 360 Disc May lead to a Possible Dashboard Downgrade

Any ideas??


That’s pretty cool

seems like the discs they use for the consoles at walmart or something for demos


That is very interesting. He may be on to something. I’d like to see what is possible with this.

You can’t do anything your efuse is still blown if you have updated to 8955.

I need this disc…

Nostalgia FTW…

Seeing that Dash brings back memories…

you cannot exploit anything with this
its all on the disc
not loading the old dash

That may be true, but it also may be using the base kernal ( 2.0.1888 ) which is located in the bootloaders. All the lastest dashboards are builded on the base kernal, which means it might have the ability to run an older dashboard, even though the e-fuses are blown.

you cannot exploit anything with this
its all on the disc
not loading the old dash

maybe, but the default.xex is only 24kb, which may have basic instructions to boot of the base kernal and then load the koisk.xex (demo itself).

or it could run like the xbla sample disc

I like that dash 10x better then the current.

<3 The blades dashboard.

It’s a demo disc.
You can download the files and run them on a JTAG.

Except these are signed, so a retail can run them.
Either way the efuses are blown, nothing will change that. The disc doesn’t change the kernel.

Its not a recovery.

Well, either way, it’s still pretty cool being able to go to the blades dashboard. But if you know anyone who can decompile an xex let me know. That way we can find out what it really does.

Either way, i’d love to own that disc. I would just sit on the dashboard all day and enjoy the simplicity of the original look. To hell with that miserable piece of ******** the new dashboard is.

Someone upload the .ISO.

This is one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen in a while. Had no clue the Xbox 360 did this…

What I was thinking…

i want that disk :confused:

Brings back memory’s