Rate my Modded Xbox from 1 to 10

10 because that looks exactly like mine! What leds are you using? Because I had to use an alternate power source for mine cause my whisper legacy, and the leds both cant use the disc drives power at the same time.

Specs? Pl0x.

10/10 very nice

Anyone can buy a modded case though.

Ok anybody can, I did. So whats your point? Did you just come in here to troll like you did in my giveaway thread?

GOT HIM! :laughing::lol::lol:

10/10 looks awesome.


xBillyBillium I use the LED’s thats replace one of the cable’s that the DVD drive is plug in to but thnx guys for the positive message’ I am happy with my modded Xbox with LT +

9.99/10 :thumbsup:

hahah xVEN0Mz 9.99

4/10. Bought and not homemade. Looks like a crap case btw.

10/10 it looks just like my ghost case mod :stuck_out_tongue:

If your have a ghost case post it here I would like to se what use guys have done

My friend Nick had one of those back in the day, they seemed to be really cool at that time. Xbox Cases have improved a lot over the years/months.


Rated 8 but if it was back in the day I would have giving it a 9/10

Thats Beast 10/10

Ghost case r old now but I just like the clean finish look I dont think its over the top so thnx for the nice messages guy’s

Nitro switch in the front :smile:
12v fan is teh best!

nice I got the whisper fans with the inter-cooler TS that runs of its own power supply so I got a total of 5 fans haahah