Razer Wildcat Xbox One Controller Announced

[/img]Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan walked the stage at PAX Prime to announce a brand new Xbox One controller, successor of the Onza and the Sabertooth. It’s named Razer Wildcat.

The controller was developed in collaboration with with some of the top eSports teams in the world, including Elevate, Synergy, CounterLogic and TeamLiquid.

It includes multi-function buttons and triggers and materials with enhanced durability, and it has been developed with an eye on ergonomics and weight. It also comes with two additional buttons on the front and two additional triggers on the underside.

The Wildcat was intentionally designed with removable triggers instead of paddles (unlike the Elite controller by Microsoft), as they sit nicely under the middle finger. They can be customized to any single function, and they’re forged in aircraft-grade aluminum.

Finally, the controllers includes a quick control panel (allowing the customization of every single button) and analog stick neck made of high carbon steel.

The Wildcat will weigh only 260 grams, which is two less than Microsoft’s default controller and quite a lot lighter than the Elite. Below you can see the main features, a series of images and a trailer spelling out all the perks of the controller and showing it in greater detail. It will cost $149.99 and it will ship worldwide in early October.

Source: TheTechGame.com

I had the Sabretooth for the 360 it was an amazing control pad to start with, just a shame it wasn’t wireless (in the end the the control pad kept turning off due to a small kink on the inside of the wire and the thread on the connector wearing off), which later on i checked out tonnes of reviews and its actually a common problem for Razer pads, so since then i promised i would never buy 1 of there products again,