ReachUnlock 1.1

Hey everyone, I have been getting so many good reviews about ReachUnlock and why I didn’t support the gravity and all this other blarhargy so I created an update to it.

This tool will remove restrictions that are on the xex (Xbox 360 executable) format for Halo Reach. A list of the current features are…

Remove Header Check
Enable Debug Camera
Remove Map Version Check
Remove Footer Check
Remove XDK Version Check
Remove Tag Name Check (Not Recommended unless doing heavy modding)
No BINK Playback
Remove the .map RSA Check
Modify Single-player Gravity

You will need xorloser’s xextool.exe in the same directory as this application.

NOTE: This only works on development kits, or jtags. This will not work if you are on a flashed/unmodified console.

If you happen to get the “Invalid Checksum” message, you can try running ReachUnlock 1.2 (only) with the argument -ignore. The easiest way to do this is to create a shortcut to ReachUnlock then right click, properties, then at the end of the target it should be like


Just add -ignore to the end of it so you have

…ReachUnlock.exe" -ignore

and it should disable the MD5 check.[/QUOTE]

Be Warned: There is 1 bug, at the end of Halo Reach when the ending cinematic play your xbox will freeze if you disable the BINK loading.


Old Version

Have fun everyone :thumbsup:

Thanks, this is very useful. Could you supply a virus scan so people will download it worry free?

Nice. Checking it out now.


Thank You very much this helps alot

Scan it with this-
Jotti’s malware scan

Nice thanks for release.

Really nice tool

thanks for the tool nice job :smiley:

Thanks. I’ll try it out later.

Thanks Buddy :smile:

Hallo, I am sorry to ask such stupid question, but Reach mod is new to me. I have mod before in Halo 1-3 but I do not know this. Will this tool let me change .map file like h3unlock does? thank!

Thanks, I will be sure to check this out.

Virus Scan –


Yes. It removes RSA checks amongst other things.

Sweet Nice Post. I Think I Might Use This But Any Viruses?

This is teh Kiwi in your AIM status o.O

S’all good I suppose but the bug at the cinematic and its a climax to freeze hahaa but yeh useful post

Thanks for the tool is Hawt!

ok so what this tool unlock and what file i need to open with this?