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Read Before Requesting a Game Modder / Tool for Horizon!

[size=24][b]Horizon Gamesave Editor Requests[/b][/size]
[size=14]This will be the format in which you will request a gamesave editor. Make a new thread and then use the format below. If an editor has already been requested and you would like that editor, post in the thread saying "I would enjoy this as well!".

Do not request the same gamesave editor twice. Also there will be no tools for games created by Treyarch.[/size]

Title: (Game Title)


Game Title:

Game ID:
(This can be found using the Title ID Finder in Horizon. Tools > Title ID Finder)

Mods Wanted:

Attach two saves extracted from the CON File
If you do not know how to do that just attach two CON files.

Additional Comments:
(If the Game has Gold/Money or something similar, please included how much)

Horizon - Other Tool Requests
This is the format to use if you would like to request another tool or feature for Horizon or if you would like something added into a current tool. Make a thread and use the format below. Make sure you check if it was already requested, if it was show your interest by posting in that thread.

Title: (Tool or Feature)


Tool’s Name or Add On:

Description (Explain as thoroughly as possible):

Why It Should be in Horizon and How it Relates to Modifying the Xbox 360:

Is it in any other programs? If so, which one(s)?

Additional Comments:

If a staff member sees your thread and likes the idea, it will be passed along to the developers. If it is already being worked on, declined before, or is breaking any forum rules it will be Closed.

Please search to see if your request has already been posted before making a new one.

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