Real Life Replicas of Perk a Cola Drinks!

I saw these on Ebay and want some sooo bad :thumbsup:
Heres the Link to Purchase these $6 for the Drink and $10 for shipping.
CoD WaW / Black Ops Nazi Zombies Perk a Cola REPLICAS | eBay

[details=Pictures of Drinks]


Has anyone actually tried them to see if it works? Is so drink double tap and juggernaut and go rob a bank for me.

That’s epic!

Can you actually drink them?

Yeah Its just Water and Food Dye.

I did not see Stamin-Up nor DeadShot Daiquiri. These would be cool though.

Yes, it’s just water with food dye in it. I would just keep them for display though.

He doesn’t have those yet.

Double Tap and it would be fap fap fap fap fap fap x2


Doesn’t seem that hard to make really.
If you look closely at the bottle caps, its just a little piece of paper glued on.
The labels on the bottle look pretty nice though. I wanna try and make my own ;D

This is something you would put on your shelf, not drink. silly people.

Would be awesome if they were like actual soda but yea I wouldn’t drink them anyway, just display them. Pretty cool though, that guy is smart I bet he has made a lot of money from this.

Well you can Drink it, Just won’t taste good.

I don’t think anyone should plan on drinking water bought from the internet anyways. :3

Do this yourself and save a ****load…

  1. Find the image of the perk online like the label on the bottles
  2. Print onto gloss paper, cut it out
  3. Take empty root beer bottle, fill with water, add food coloring of choice.
  4. Put printed perk on bottle
  5. Put cap on bottle
  6. ???
  7. Save $3247

Then sell on Ebay like this guy then a thread like this gets posted on another forum, Rinse and Repeat.

They only cost like 6 bucks. xD

Those look tasty!

+10 for shipping = $16 :smile:

thats awesome