Real Steel Mod Tool?

Heres a SVG: SVG

Heres a GPD: GPD

I have like 35,197 in Cash

I have 3 wins and 11 losses >_>

I don’t what else to note as a value.


Try this, tell me if anything works.

What’d you change?


Said the Save was corrupted.

Hmm, one sec.


Try this.

This game is so hard :I.
I have like 2-3 wins and 30 some losses…

I’m so telling on you and your double posting!

What values are you changing? I looked into the save, but I couldn’t find anything.

Same Thing :confused:

Money is @ 0xD098 offset. Not sure if it’s static or dynamic since I don’t have another save to compare.

Is it corrupting the save at the main menu or on the device?

You want my save?

Mudkip, Upload your save for Hova to compare and give us the values.


Oh ok thanks, is the save encrypted? I wouldn’t imagine, also garribean are you rehashing and resigning?

How do i upload it :stuck_out_tongue: .

Wait, Do I have to?

EDIT: Still said it was corrupted :confused:

Extract via Horizon and upload to Mediafire.

Lol it might help.

I don’t think it is. It’s an arcade game based off a movie so I doubt it.

Try re-adding your profile ids and such then rehashing and resigning. Is there a max value? If so then that might be why.

I’m not sure, Most likely 1M. How much are you adding?