Rebel Galaxy for Epic games

the game recently became free on epics games can we get them juicy cheats

Hello! :slight_smile:

We do not take requests in the forum. Trainers are made based on the game’s popularity within the community. This is determined by:

  1. How many WeMod members have the game installed. The WeMod software detects this automatically.
  2. How many WeMod members are following or have it added as a favourite.
    To follow the game, click “Notify Me” on the game’s page in the WeMod software.
    To favourite a game, click the star icon next to the trainer’s name in the WeMod software.
  3. The number of boosts put into the game by Pro members to boost it further up the development queue when it appears there due to being determined as popular via the previous points.

Learn more about this system here: Game Queue & Boosts - WeMod Support .

ok…last time i heard i had to post here…but ok

Requesting trainers has always been done via the WeMod software, even before we had the current (better) system of recognising what trainers the community wants.

Whoever told you that probably assumed you wanted to make a suggestion for the actual software itself, rather than for a trainer. This forum section is for suggestions to improve the software, rather than the trainers. Hence it’s parent category here in the forum, “WeMod App”, as opposed to the “Trainers” category. :slight_smile:

Update: Rebel Galaxy Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games :slight_smile: