::: RecklessModz Is Now Re-Opened!, Read! :::

hello fellow XboxMB members, i RecklessPatches have decided to re-open RMz (RecklessModz), now some of you are going to be like they already exist, well they did already exist until they merged with ModdedGame to make ModdedGame complete so it was open for grabs and i decided to take it so i did.

i am just making this thread to inform you guys that RMz is back open and looking for some people to join, we do not have a website and prob will never have one, we have decided to rep XboxMB but our team will be RMz so if you would like to join just aim me. my aim is J.acked

i will provide any more information if needed. we need some recorders. hosters, editors, etc…

if you would like to check out our youtube its RecklessModzLive

thank you for this post also i would like to join your team i sent you a message but your offline my aim is Christopher Donato

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