Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats and Trainer for Rockstar Games

100% needs a update and unlimted health not working has ive been killed in a bounty hunt and by a animal

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Looking for an update here too. I also gave up on this game previously while using mod due to consistent crashing. I do apologize I haven’t done the proper digging to find out why.


I’ve tried most of the cheat options but none of them work at all. Please advise.

I’m using a legitimate copy through rockstar

¡Hello! Im just writing for ask one thing. Well, everyone who plays RDR2 knows when u use ur guns, the guns gets dirty and needs to get clear with a rag. So, there’s mi question. ¿Its possible to make ur guns clear forever without need to clear them with a rag when i use it? Att. P.

Any chance this gets updated?

health and ammo not working update pls .-.

unlimited health not working

Bought the ultimate edition on rockstar launcher, none of the cheats seem to be working whatsoever. Money, health, stamina, deadeye, none of them. Would love an update, seeing as I got the game specifically to enjoy wemod-style cheats, as i’ve already beaten it elsewhere.

Edit: I have noticed that Deadeye seems to be working flawlessly, i just wasnt paying attention to it properly. Apologies. As for health and stamina, continued damage and sprinting causes them to deteriorate regardless of cheats.

dont work :face_exhaling:

cheats working fine for me …
Is there a way to circumvent having to restart game if you “die” while you have unlimited health on ?
Any sugestions around a ctrl+alt+del restart would be great

Cheats don’t work, any plans for some updates?


I cant get the play button to show up xD. I tried alt tabbing like it said :o

Hey, I have a cheat suggestion for RDR2 story. Let’s make gambling a bit more fun to play, by adding a cheat that either allows you to press a button, and all of the NPCs automatically fold, or make it so that you (or the cards) always win at the end or allow you to at least take some share of money. Either the npc fold button, automatic win, or both.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Cant get the unlimited health or ammo cheats to work. Latest Rockstar build and the latest update 4/29/22

yes please fix this issue with the unlimited health and ammo not working

yup the unlim health and ammo dont work.

I pay monthly and i swear %50 of the games i try need updating. :frowning:

My game wont save when i activate the trainer. it cant auto save or mannually:(

when i activates all cheats, but i still can get shot dead and i still can get a bounty