Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

When you are actively involved in a gunfight (like, they actually see you and firing guns at you) the bounty would remain on. However, as soon you’ve “lost sight” of the pursers (They’ve gone from ‘actively chasing’ you to ‘searching for you’ mode), the bounty no longer remains active. That’s how it works.


The unlimited health cheat seems to be a miss for me. I load up the game to the main menu and it doesn’t work in game. I retry by quitting then reopen the game then go into story mode and active the cheat, it does an autosave warning but the unlimited health still doesn’t work.

Am I missing something?

It sounds like the cheat is broke

Unlimited Health not working

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Unlimited Health the same not working

How did you die? I’ve played the game since the trainer was updated and didn’t have any issues. A few testers have also tried it and haven’t had an issue.

Same here. Unlimited health worked once, and hasn’t worked since. I’ve rebooted, done all the usual troubleshooting.

Money cheat doesn’t work, looks like other cheats broke too, i’ve updated the latest version of Wemod

Money cheat is working, but is a tad quirky. Sometimes a save with load with $0.00 when I had at least $50 on me when I saved and closed the game.

Try this: I use Unlimited items → sell something → buy something → money on hand will ratchet up to whatever amount I had selected with the cheat.

I’ve just checked and it is working.

Quick observation regarding Unlimited Health and Unlimited Horse Health.

Unlimited health works when I’m in a random gun fight like being ambushed on the road, trying to outrun the law or just some trigger happy citizen whom I bumped into. It does not work during QT story events such as the gunslinger duel quests and when I was trying to get Rev. Swanson free of the train tracks. I have sometimes died to predators if I cannot break free when the prompt appears. Also, getting caught in the blast zone of dynamite is also an instant death. (I’ve just discovered this while trying rob the back room of the Valentine doctor.)

Unlimited Horse Health also seems to randomly stop working when I get attacked and dismounted. Horse will sometimes get killed or downed after getting caught in gunfight cross-fire.

Uncertain if these circumstances mean the code is broken or death is just unavoidable due to certain game mechanics.

What you described- those are “instant death” situations. You’ll get those in quest lines at some point. (Like you need to shoot the other person in a shoot-off duel before he shoots you). Those are game mechanics, not broken coding.