RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 PC ? is it happening?

i’m sorry if that wasn’t the right place or way to pitch about this :grin:
are we going to see red dead redemption 2 pc mods in the wemod app?

my thanks, my appreciation.

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and if it is what game launcher would be supported? So we know where to buy for the most support for updates!

My guess would be probably yes for a trainer
But only time will tell !

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Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on November 5th via RockStar’s new “Rockstar Launcher”.
It will be released on Steam in December, though no exact specific day in December has been announced yet, but an educated guess would say before Christmas (to maximise profits).

Considering it’ll be a month after release before it appears in Steam, it’s likely that a Rockstar Launcher trainer will be made first. But this just an educated guess and, of course, it all depends on how many trainers there are in front of RDR2 the list to be made first.


I bought the game on Rockstar games launcher, and somehow i feel bad about it :sweat_smile:

I have more confident in steam… maybe because it’usually where the most of the support goes in matter of that kind of things.

What do you prefer?

hi i am also very interested in rdr2 for pc and im glad posts have been made for this already as i wasnt sure where to pre order for it because i really wanna play the game with wemod. i remember playing gta v with wemod trainer long time ago but the trainer was made for steam but it still worked on rockstar launcher for single player.

I’ll wait for it to be available on Steam on December :grin:

Ah, the old “give them a month to sort out serious bugs before I buy it” move. Good lad/lass, smart. :laughing:

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I’m too sick to wait :sweat_smile:
Even though i’m probably to regret rushing to the game before they had their time to fix the bugs and make the best updates

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It seems that Red Dead Redemption 2 will also be availble via Epic Games.
What we know so far:

  • Releases on Rockstar Launcher on November 5th
  • Releases on Epic Games Launcher on November 5th
  • Releases on Steam in December, the exact day still unknown
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What launcher you will go for?

Tough choice. I’ll probably wait a month or so after release anyway for all the serious bugs to be fixed. Large open world games like Read Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls, Fallout and so on are always released with major bugs in them. Which is understandable because they’re huge.

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That’s probably the wisest move, good call man :+1:

I’ll wait and see what the trainer is made for then buy the game again had it on xbox one but I need a trainer !!
My guess would be for epic. But have to wait n see

Steam usually gets the best or most of the support from the modders&trainer devlopers,

Ya but steam is like a month later I sure do like steam the best for downloading but dont wanna wait

Never make my mistake and buy it from rockstar games launcher,

They have no support whatsoever
No cooperation no care

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Indeed, because Steam are the biggest name when it comes to digital game downloads.
However, greed has corrupted them to the point that some publishers are removing their content from Steam, mostly smaller, indie companies, but also some huge names like EA and Ubisoft. At the moment the gaming world is in the middle of a huge transition, specifically removing their reliance on Steam.

The boring explanation why (click here)

For example, EA wanted to include a DLC in the main base game download of one of their games at no extra charge for the players. But Steam flatly told them it’s not happening and that they have to sell the DLC separately specifically so that Steam can make a cut of the profits. So EA stuck their middle finger up at Steam and removed all of their games from it. They now have their own distributor, called Origin.
Ubisoft has also said publicly that they regret using Steam and will in the future only be publishing on Epic Games and also focusing on their own distributor, Uplay.

Steam is the big name, yes. But their greed is getting the better of them, sadly. A few companies, both indie and big names, are turning their backs on Steam over it.

I’ve never used them myself, but thanks for the warning. :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m most likely getting RDR2 on Epic Games. When the bugs are fixed, haha.

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The game releases tomorrow! (5th November).
If you haven’t got your copy yet, here are the places you can get it for PC:

Rockstar Store.
Comes in two editions, which come with their own exclusive content.
Special Edition is: £54.99, originally £74.99 (GBP). Click here to go to the store.
Ultimate edition is: £69.99, originally £79.99 (GBP). Click here to go to the store.

  • Note: Rockstar are being cheeky - There’s no clear indication on the Rockstar website if the above reduced prices are permanent or are only applicable during the pre-order stage.

Epic Games Store
Comes in three editions.
Original edition is: £54.99 (GBP).
Special edition is: £69.99 (GBP).
Ultimate edition is: £79.99 (GBP).
Buying via Epic Games will give you 25 gold bars, which is a currency for online mode.
Click here for a link to all three.

Humble Bundle store:
Original edition is: £54.99 (GBP).
Buying from Humble Bundle also comes with 25 free gold bars, for using online.
Click here to go to the store.

  • Note: This is the Epic Games version.
  • Note 2: Using the above Humble Bundle link will automatically donate a portion of what you spend in the store to a charity called Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, a UK-based charity that rescues, treats and rehomes abused and abandoned cats and dogs. Whether you use the Humble Bundle link or not, please consider making a charitable donation to them. If you’re based in the UK, please also consider providing a home to a cat or dog who needs it most, through the charity. Their official website is:
Click For Proof

There is still no news, that I can find, on an officially confirmed date for the release of the Steam version.


all statements indicate that steam will will get it live after one month of exclusivity for epic, so i gather that it will probably go live around the 5th of December,

but what i was waiting a confirmation for is, wemod announcement for their plan for it,

it’s not yet clear which version will be supported, and what options we might get !!