Red Dead Redemption Save Editor

I was told I needed to start a new topic so here it is… My save file was corrupted and I am trying to figure out how to get it back to level 38 where I left off.

I have Modio, USBXTAF, and the version 3 editor by ixSN7xi (xX SN1P3R777 Xx)

Can anyone help me get back to my level of 38? I started a new game and am level 3. I keep trying to save it after its rehashed and resigned but it keeps saying in the game that there was an error and I cant use that file.

It seems the member “Twalker360” has figured out how to do it, but his topic was closed by a super moderator infamus. So Can anyone help?

Thanks. :thumbsup:

Patched, at least for now.

Clear your cache via system memory (Xbox 360 Dashboard) re-do a brand new game save, then finally adjust your modifications to your gamesave (don’t forget to rehash and resign) and insert back into game , play it and update it.

just go through and do the gang hideouts they give alot of xp and its double xp week

This isnt patched, i got the game 3 days ago and used a modded MP gamesave, and im level 50, golden guns and that stuff…

ya its not patched dude

nope, not patched :wink:


I didn’t know you could mod this game.

Now that I know you can, maybe I will go download it, teehee!