Redstone Problems

Anyone else getting redstone update problems? I jumped in an old flat world I am using for redstone concepts and it all of a sudden won’t deactivate pistons or power up new ones whether power goes to it or not. So I created a new flat world and it updated the pistons once, but now its doing it too.

Doesn’t seem to be ruining all my worlds yet though.

Yeah, I downloaded the update a few days ago, logged in to my world, and all of my redstone contraptions weren’t working like they were supposed to. (Would activate once, but wouldn’t repeat.)

I’ve had Minecraft do this to me before so I created a brand new world, but, even though I don’t play the game much, I don’t want to just throw away what I currently have.

Best of luck!

Been having issues with double piston extenders in the latest TU on 360. Blocks aren’t updating properly and the first piston won’t retract after deactivating power.

Finally this latest update seems to have fixed my maps! I have to test a few more complicated redstone devices but I think they have it fixed.