Refund request

Hi, I would like to request a refund of the 7.79$ Pro subscription. I initially subscribed at a time where I was getting more than enough money every week to pay for it, and had no reason to think about the possible outcome of not being in that situation. Now, however, things have changed for the unexpected. While I do get some amount of money, it’s supposed to be spent on the bus to work, so when I got my amount for today, I went to check everything was fine, only to realize I had been charged. Now, while I do enjoy your services, I have had some minor issues (some cheats not activating; like, I press the hotkey or activate the slider, but it instantly reverts). But I may definitely retirn if I find myself in a hood situation again.

TLDR; Subscribed when I had steady income, now hit with less steady income which is supposed to be used responsibly, got charged, would like a refund of the 7.99$


You can cancel your PayPal subscription and the billing would stop, pretty much how it works everywhere else.

I’ve issued a refund for this month.