Refund request

Hello, I’d like to request a refund wemod pro yearly, I cancelled it immediately before I was charged on oct. 2 but I was given pro and charged yesterday for $70. I’m trying to conserve money due to being extremely sick and out of work for a couple weeks.

Thank you



According to our system you didn’t pay so we cannot issue a refund.

I’m looking at my paypal currently saying that $69.99 has been taken out of my account by wemod. Is there anyway for you to force the refund, If i show you proof of the transaction?

We have to believe what the system says. As of now it is reporting as unpaid and gives us no option to refund until that changes to paid.

Okay, I see now that it’s showing up as pending in my paypal but it also says the payment is inactive which may be causing it not to show up on your system. Is this a problem I should consult paypal with or do you think it will eventually show up? Because if it says you guys haven’t been paid I’m wondering where the money could have gone.

Ask paypal. WeMod cant help as they dont have it.