Refurbished Xbox One with Kinect | $339

Staples is selling an Xbox one with kinect refurbished with ryse download code for $339

If you don’t have a staples near you, you can price match at Walmart or target

I swear you Americans always get awesome deals. That’s about £220 in my money. So cheap for an Xbone

The Xbox One consoles are not region locked I don’t think, at least the games aren’t region locked. If it’s a sensible price, I may get one delivered to UK when/if the first exploited X1 is made.

Wouldn’t shipping not make it worth it?

you still have to pay tax on imports… lol. And then there is shipping on top, makes it not worth it.

Not sure really. I have had stuff from the US before which were just as heavy/valuable as a console which only cost me £20 (approx.) for the delivery which I though was reasonable considering the distance.

This is true!