Regarding Battlefield 3 BETA download

This post is to warn you about downloading the Battlefield 3 BETA.

You will be banned for market place theft you will sign in and it will say this account has been suspended for 12/31/9999.

Uploading the video: So people who are uploading the video on how to play battlefield 3 beta is getting there channel(s) closed, DICE is flagging the videos.

Doing it:By downloading it and “trying” to play the beta you soon will be disconnected from xbox live and be banned forever for market place theft.

I advise you just to wait a few days till its out so you dont get your account/xbox banned or your youtube channel.

Can anyone confirm this?

Well call xbox and ask them about it.
DICE i dont know but yes 4 channels are down dice flagged by them.

Not true. I have been playing all day and no ban.

Thats not alot. --____–

I’ve been playing for the past 10 hours, no ban or anything and I’ve downloaded it. I really don’t think they’d ban perm ban you for this, it’s ridiculous if you ask me.

Well for them who say thanks play all you want you might be banned in 5mins or 5 hours or days. Just wait just saying be safe if you dont want to then do what ever.

marketplace theft infers i stole something… its an OPEN beta lol

OPEN beta on the 29TH.

how can you get banned if they send you a code themself.

But if you do it the non-legit way then will you get banned.

the name is Battlefield 3 OPEN BETA!

It’s free regardless, it’s not ‘theft’. You could easily make a case out of this and win some big $$.

How am i dumb?
I am warning the non legit people if you get a code then you will be fine.

I don’t really understand how this is stealing from the marketplace on xboxlive.
1st: It’s not on the marketplace as yet.
2nd: Its gonna be a free beta in less than 48 hours.

Because you have no actual proof people are getting banned -_-

Then you should specific that you’ll get banned for doing it the non legit way.

youtube it *****

They will not ban for this it would be bad rep for them and everyone knows they want to beat mw3 so i think you will be fine

been playing it and im not banned, it would be a little ridiculous for them to ban more people for something stupid when they have already banned millions for dumb reasons as well, even a MS employee got banned for theft, how is that possible

Or, you could make your OP more productive and link us to these videos with proof.