Regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops *DLC* | You will be banned

Hello XboxMB & Everyone who is willing to download the DLC for Black Ops for FREE.

This is a warning to say, Don’t download the "First Strike: map packs.
If you download the map packs from the Internet/Online Trying to get them free You will be punished with a Perma-Ban from Xbox LIVE.

The ban will state & last until : 31/12/9999 December 31, 9999

The ban isn’t just from Black Ops its also against the Xbox LIVE servers, Which of who is advertising the package. If you terminate any rules &/or Go against any Code’s of Conduct you will receive a punishment from XBOX LIVE.

This is just a heads up & clearing so don’t post useless spam saying “free blacks ops dlc map pack”, unless your willing to take the chances of getting this suspension.

Opinion: Just buy the Map Pack yourself, If you don’t you will be hit with a bad error which, I’m sure you all don’t want. Don’t post any links on forum.

Proof from other forums…

Good post did you copy and paste?

thats why i did it on a gay acc

Ooh I just tried, but it wouldn’t unzip correctly. Good thing huh?

Adult…4 Post…who r u?

Does it matter?

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be selling the game on Friday anyway :laughing:

There is always a chance of being banned when it comes to modding…

cool, now treyarch is making accounts on modding sites so they get more money :laughing:

lol thats funny but could be true as anyone could make and account here :laughing:

I think you may have mistaken… I don’t like Black Ops… By the way, I’m from TTG :wink:.
And you should know, Many Trey Arch Member’s have forum accounts.

Well they aren’t stopping anyone, there are several different people that are doing this. The maps are not worth it in my opinion. Go ahead and download the maps. I have done this for every game and never got banned. I doubt Treyarch can detect this.

Treyarch is lame but idk whether to believe him

Take your chances. I’m just saying…
Xbox will catch up & find you.
The games have changed since, “You done this for every game”.

I don’t play this game in general I think it sucks, but for those who do keep downloading the pack will receive there punishment. I’m just trying to give a heads up.

Don’t come back too me when it happens.

Trust me I won’t, nor will anyone else. You are not the first person to mention ban issues on that game.This is something they can not detect, you most likely did something bad, or did something to cause yourself to receive that ban.

If you actually have proof of this ban then show the picture. Lets see why you got banned?

ahahah this is pointless, everyone knows there is a chance for a ban no matter what.

They can ban me, i never bought the game :}

You have a flashed xbox? Your correct about “how there is always a chance for a ban” but this is just uncommon.

I don’t think I ever mentioned myself “getting banned”, In my post…

I didn’t get banned, because I’m not that stupid to download DLC off the internet.
I’mjust saying - Trying to give heads up - Not too download it because, You will & can get a suspension for doing so.

I didn’t ask for a bunch of people to rant on me either.

Like I said, “Take your chances”, but if you do get the suspension come back & try to tell me I’m wrong again.

Just don’t rely on other peoples mistakes, I am pretty sure he/she did something else to get banned, this is just an uncommon thing to get banned for.

I have played it all day with no consequence.

Alright lets not get this thread locked due to flame, or making Dan pop out of nowhere and saying “CLOSED, due to flame or getting close to a flame war.”

Back on topic.