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Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!




i’m taking spanich in school and STILL have no idea what the **** you said


Unlock Cole Train ban???


Pretty much the exact reason why you never, ever, mod on your main.


Am i able to change my weapon skins gradually without being banned? like i change my retro lancer to xbox green and savage kantus as my locust, you think that will get me banned???


This was very helpful, thanks. I have a question regarding the banning process, can anyone explain to me how the process works? I want to know so I can mod intelligently. Is it just people reporting suspicious stats, or do they have a program that flags accounts? Any information other people might have to add would be awesome. Also I’d like to echo Hannibal’s question specifically, how would I mod my fortification levels intelligently, to minimize the risk of getting caught?


He said “Thanks for the information. Too bad they already banned me from GoW3.” :wink:


so does anyone know if you mod only your skin and maybe a new character will get you ban?


you will get ban for ANYTHING you mod on gear of war 3 trust me happen to me 4 times…i mod only cole train and the flame skins and got banned…i modded only 1 medal and got banned…i even modded 1 flame skin and i still got banned…pretty much don’t mod noting on that game epic is not playing around anymore lol


alright thanks for that


on my 2nd account i modded all onyx skins and 1 big money onyx medal… been ok for 2 days now… if i don’t recieve a ban in 2 weeks then i will probably mod my main to it too.

how long did it take you to get banned?


2 weeks, and they also handed me a console ban.


lol. anyway, i think the message is, dont mod your stats on your main account… ever :thumbsup:


i modded my second account for 2 weeks noting happen then once i modded my main account they catch me and gave me a ban…im telling you your going to get caught trust me on this lol i thought i was safe since i manage for 2 weeks but guess i was wrong…


wow epic really hates you lol i only got account ban…


wow unlucky… i really just want 1 medal for my main… but i think i’ll leave it for now :smiley:


What happens if you just mod like the characters and some camo’s can you get banned ?


God this sucksssss i deleted my beta save data and want my cole train and flaming skins back, but im level 97 and have commando dom and liquid metal… dont wanna risk it but if i do is there a big chance ill get banned?


I have been running for about 2 weeks with no problems. But I did follow this format. Mod under the ribbons. if you want 50 curb stomps give yourself 47 and then do the 3 so they unlock. I didn’t touch my rank though. and haven’t been using things that I shouldn’t have.


Skins can get you banned as well as some of the characters. If you are a lvl 24 playing with the golden gear it will look funny to people and you may get reported. If you bypass the skins to a regulate DLC skin you may have a better chance of not getting caught.