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Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!


Any skins relating to Epic or MS will get you banned for impersonating sponsors.


I used the Xbox skin and liked it so much I ended up getting a code off of ebay for 4 bucks. It is a good way to see a skin before you buy one though. just be careful


wait. wait. wait.

modding games can you get banned?


Not sure if trolling…
or just very very stupid…


if they haven’t given me a time yet then??? in party options i can only choose local and system link, and i can’t play online…. does this mean I’m banned? please respond


Im curious as well. I am in the same boat right now, i even reset my stats again, Im getting the feeling its a permanent thing.


Its funny I modded 10 ranks (went from 55 to 65), unlocked all mutators, skins, characters, and my horde stats like 3 days after the tool came out and still no ban. :smiley:


I wonder how many people on these forums who apparently ‘got banned the first time they tried this’ are actual users of the game, and how many are epic/MS/whatever employees trying to scare people away from this program. Not that I’m accusing anyone in this thread, natch.


I think it flags the console it checked more often more mods.should play Metal Solid Gear better than the waste of time here…


i get a message that says my profile doesnt have the correct settings to play online game modes. However, if I sign in and out I can play online. Also, I have no MS ban as I can play other games. Is this just a glitch that I am seeing about the profile settings being wrong for online play?


Hmmm…Idk… I modded my main account,and 2 others,no bans from Gears yet…you could be onto something lol.


i dont give a damn i did it and im alive
its good
they not check your account is just for all the *****s outside them report you and you get banned thats why


Hah. I can see the other side of that one Epic guy’s convo right now.
"We have hundreds of ways of detecting use of Horizon Beta

<aside>:They would be the hundreds of people who’d rather cray about modders getting ahead than pay 5 bucks to do it as well"


i was an 81 and i put myself up to a 100 and then upgraded my stats to look like it was legit… is it a good odd that ill get banned or not really considering i was an 81 legit???


If I slowly mod my stats - no xp/levels - just ribbons, kills, deaths, matches played, etc. very slow would I be alright?


Even slight modding can result in a ban, so it is a matter of if you want to take the chance. The only way to not get banned is to not do any modding at all.


I’m thinking of doing this just for the Onyx weapon kills.

It is soooo boring grinding for these.


Modding horde stats seems to be fine. I maxed them out and didn’t get banned.

…instead I was perma banned for avatar modding! Whoopie!


How do get signed up for diamond to do anything with any game cause the prompts wont let me access it


i just want to get the onyx skins on my main, so to make it look not suspicious, I’d have to jack up my kills to like, over 80k right?

probably alter my deaths too