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Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!


i never got banned
i guess all you have to do is play a lot so when u mod it it looks legit since you play a lot i did 20 levels a lots of ribbons and stuff and didnt get banned : )


just modded my stats… but i reset them and just modded character, mutators, weapons skins etc. dont want to risk getting banned on my main account… ill be carefull with the skins/characters.


a ban on the console.


Does anyone know if I mod the Gold and Flaming skins will I get banned?


You’ll eventually get banned. The whole resetting thing gets you noticed first.


yes what about Horde


hey can any1 LEND me his/her diamond account for 10 mins? i promiss i wont mess anything up or sell ur password. i just need 2 mod something


And I evaded the gears ban and still got the 15 day ban, no 9999 ban yet.


I have yet to see a 15 day ban.

All of the GOW3 bans I have seen or heard of have been perma bans from playing online…

Can you show proof of a 15 day ban


Modded it, Got those two skins, No bans YET.


no matter how u mod ull get banned man might as well not do it at all


How does ban works? I mean I’ve read somewhere that it’s a MANUAL ban. What it means that an Epic employee catches you on a online match or if you’re reported maybe they check you…

I asking this, because today in the new DLC download, I got reset to level 1, NOT RE-UP, RESET. Like if the data player was corrupt. So I lost all my ribbons, medals, characters, skins… ALL! Anything I have done is gone. No kills, no executions, nothing of nothing. I’m considering to mod my account to the estimated amount of each thing I lost (for an Epic’s failure), but I don’t know how safe would it be…


thats why i did it… i got reset 2 times8)


Yeah, it’s completely unfair. I’m not a cheater I just want my 4 months work back and Epic won’t restore my lost stuff.

So, vomitboy, do you mod your level, kills, medals and ribbons? How long did you do that? I asume you’re not banned, right? :smirk:


Still no bans. :sunglasses:


I modded my main account two days ago, I tried to put realistic numbers, the ones I remembered and the estimated ones I had before the Epic’s failure. No banned and hope I won’t be. Raised my unfairly reset level 12 to my original and legit 100, then I Re-up, I’m 15 green now.

There are some numbers that I couldn’t match, hope that in the next update, we would be able to mod:

  • Quick reloads
  • Female Player Games


I guess the best way is, just do a few things at a time and don’t get greedy.


I modded my main, i was at lvl 70 and pushed it 30 lvls to 2nd prestige red. Modded some medals. Been like 3 weeks and no ban. Even done a bunch of profile mods like gamerscore and tenure and no ban :o


If you get banned from one account, does it also ban accounts on the same system?


it shouldn’t, because i loaded up an old profile i had done the Gears 2 level 100 glitch, and i get the “This profile, cannot play online”, but my current legit profile 2nd re up 57 is fine