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Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!


On my dummy account i did some modding but for the most part’s it all legit looking, the only thing i could see is the kills may not be completely right, i guess but i am saying this if you make it look legit you should be alright. i will say maybe a bann but if your smart about it you should be just fine.


can you help me? my gow3 doesnt say im banned but every time i press start to go to the main menu, my game freezes on “loading profile”. please help me ASAP?


please help me. my gow3 doesnt say im banned but everytime i push start to go to the main menu, my xbox freezes on “loading profile” . please help asap


if you used the tool and maxed things out it will do that, try reducing the amounts


Modded my stats to the T. I mean I had the amount of locust’s ect. from each wave, which ones, which weapons got kills, everything ****ing perfect for a time like this. I am still unbanned. It must have to do with the report system. I don’t show off my skins that I did not legitimately unlock, characters, ect. From this point on, no more huge modded increases. If you get online with changed stats that can only be achieved through online play from being offline, expect a ban. Its that simple. So mod very little at a time, as in if you want KOTH medals, mod the stats towards that medal slightly, then get online and play a KOTH match. So when it updates, they see you just played that gametype, that’s where the stats are from. If you mod horde, go play horde. This is how I’ve been doing it since day 1. I am still unbanned, and playing online. It may seem pointless, but I have prescott and have been rocking it for over a month. NO ban. Just stay smart, stay low. Its almost pointless to be modding when you keep it this low key, but it gets there eventually. Hope this helps guys.



I got banned for one skin… granted I deserve it but lifetime ban? It’s kinda depressing that I can’t do anything about it :confused:


**** you epic! the only modd i had was the skins! wow and the guys who modded ranks didnt get banned how ****in funny.


I have a friend that got to reup 1 legit and modded himself to blue and hadn’t been banned but he constantly plays and is like top 3000 in most modes. I guess the bans go by who shows the most it seems.


And I evaded the gears ban and still got the 15 day ban, no 9999 ban yet.


Edit: Oh and to note: I play daily, re-uped legit and had onyx gnasher/lancer and they found me. If it hasn’t been posted already, never modify to unlock all of virtually anything if you play online

I unlocked all medals and got banned 2 days later.

Off to make a new account just for gears :expressionless:


What would happen if u modded just 2 lvl 100 then reset it


For modding achivs


shows the most it seems.


If I unlock all Mutators, will I get banned?


Any type of modding has a chance of a ban.


Okaaay. And is the chance high in getting banned, if you mod your mutators?


I wouldn’t know haven’t done it. I would assume that since you are modding you have a chance of getting banned. I don’t know if it’s high or low. Just a risk you have to take when modding.


all my accounts are getin banned even the ones i didnt modd at all help:’(


all un modded account are being banned even when make a new one can u help