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Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!


Please could you update this sticky notifying all users that you cannot use the Stats editor to modify everything.

There have been a lot of posts about editing individual weapon kills but it is not clear that if you edit kills for i.e. lancer 400 kills, retro 600 kills; then the total rifle kills (on Page 5 of the Stats) will not update showing 1000.

Basically, things that can be edited and relate to Page 5 (and onwards) should not be edited. (If you want to keep it legit).

Its still a great editor and really helps with some of the other annoying medals (Onyx Wingman!!!) but at least this way everyone knows the current limitations and cannot blame Horizon for their ban.



okay so my friend got on my account and boosted my rank without my permission amd i got banned. ive tryed to play on other accounts and i cant. since its a console ban, if i get a new xbox (which i need anyway) will i be able to play gears 3 again?
please help!!!


Yes if you get a new console and a new account you can play again.


I then got banned on both accounts on XboxLive, but my third account(which I did not touch Gears on) was able to play gears AND log onto XBL.


Chances are if you are a level 11and rocking flaming skins, you will get banned asap…



So whats the deal with this. There should be a pole on this thread - Modded and banned, Modded and not banned.

I just want to mod my rank like up 5 every week, nothing major. Reckon i will get away with it?


Yes you should be fine. Just mod your kills up and deaths as well. All that good stuff and make it look legit. I did like 5 levels every other day and I’m red 70 and haven’t been banned. It’s been like 4 months now.


so my ip adress doesnt matter? cause someone said the ip is flagged and when i get only it will get noticed an banned.


I’ve had friends who just got banned and they made another account it worked. Console ban means you need a new box since that console is banned. Don’t think they ban IP’s, but I’m not completely sure.



is there a way to tell if you are console banned and need a new xbox, before i try making a new account?


If you have another account try playing it. One that hasn’t been touched by the mods. If it doesnt allow you to play gears on the other account you are most likely console banned.


hey dude you live in Tennesse? I live in nashville.


Second account mods ban the whole console.


Hey guys, just curious on something.

I mainly want to just mod seriously 3.0 and the achievement for the ribbons. If I complete the rest of the game as normal, wait until Judgement comes out, and then just mod those 2 achievements and then never play GOW3 again would that be relatively safe?

At that point I wont care about being banned or anything like that I just want to avoid a gamerscore reset to the best of my ability.

I know nothing is 100% but just want to play it as safe as possible,


it culd be somewat more safe but there’s no reason to mod for the achievements, and then never play it again, if your just modding it for the achievements and never playing it again, and your unsure about the chnce of being banned, then it wuld be smrter to just NOT mod it and just stop playing or wateva you wanna do, to comepletely take away the risk of getting banned. Do you see wat i mean? It is a little hard to describe it


yeah I know what you mean. I am really into completing my games and I play BF3 more regularly to care about being able to play GOW3 anymore. I definitely used the gamesave tactic for the other seriously achievements. I’m totally down to wait until the community calms down.

When you guys say ban, are you meaning a gamerscore reset too? Or we talking just banned from gow3 for a period of time?



yah, i wuld wait till a new game comes out, or another game thatGOW people will go for, THEN mod it, and since your gonna mod it after the community calms down bout GOW3, why dont you just mod everything? Thats wat i do, i do that cuz by the thha time the community calms down about GOW3, i mod the heck out of it, like everything possible to mod, it makes me wanna play the game longer, i do that with all my games. If you gonna wait, then i wuld not only mod for the achievements, but just mod everything, nd i dont know about the ban thing, i havent been banned before even though i mod all my games after the community clams down about them, wich is another reason why i mod them i tha time that i do, but my friends have been banned before, and its different, depending on wat yo do, like if you mod your gamer score for GOW3, then te will gamerscore reset, butt if you mod and they catch you for the first time, its usually a day or two of ban, its kinda easy to figure out.


Has anyone modded the game lately and have not or have been banned I want to know if epic is still taking this game serious