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Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!


I haven’t modded it in a long time, but I assume they are still watching it. Just mod your stuff smart and don’t make it noticeable. You should be fine, but there is always a risk.


Yeah I just figured I’d check to see if anyone has done it within the past month before I start.


i modded mine a few days ago, before i read this, i haven’t been banned yet but now i am worried.


Not sure if they’re keeping a look out on Gears anymore, really. With the release of all these new games, an older game that barely exists anymore to anyone is the least of their worries.

Besides, it’s a Gears 3 ban, not a console/profile ban so it’s not that bad.


Honestly I modded my profile as soon as the Gears editor was available and I was never banned…


I only go 10 each day and as I go higher I rank up less.


editor was available and I was never banned…


Gears editor was available and I was never banned…


So I modded mine around the same time as my other posts there(about two weeks ago) I haven’t been banned from gears 3 online or Xbox live. Make all the stats look legit and don’t do anything stupid like unlocking developer only weapon skins and medals.


available and I was never banned…


If I just wanted to mod my I’M A BEAST! medal to onyx and put 1 ribbon in Team Savior and I Gotcha… would that get me caught? Not modding experience, level, skins, or anything…


If you have been banned from gears 3 online, will you be banned from gears judgement? I heard that people who got banned from gears 2 would be banned from gears 3 once the game came out; anyone have any insight on this?


I modded all my fortifications to maximum and have received no ban, but then I have probably now played 20000 waves of horde so it would look normal to anyone, just make it look normal and you shouldnt have a problem


From the Epic Games Forum:

The answer is no.

As long as you’re not the devil :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps everyone as its quite a common question.


im banned in Gears3 but not in Judgment. :thumbsup:


From what I’ve heard no one has been banned yet.


I thought Fat Pat / OnlyUSERubbers did for playing as the Reaper and modifying the leaderboards? :stuck_out_tongue:


i got banned when i modded my stats, ribbons and medals. i was stupid and maxed every medal and my stats. :laughing: but im playing with another account on same xbox and has not been banned yet after 3 months. i do not play with my banned account and new account at same time cause that will make so my new account gets banned. :thumbsup:

i modded my old account 2012 Feb.


Ok im a noob here and have a quick question. All I want to do is unlock seriously 3.0 and re up 3 times. If I was to do this now do they still ban? And do they ban you just from gears 3 mp or your whole console from live. I just want the achievements I dont care about leaderboards or stats. Thanks


uh guys epic doesnt care about gears of war 3 anymore that game is so old… i modded my self to level 100 2 weeks ago did it correctly dashboarded made it all look legit and im fine

i play in online matches and everything lol