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Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!


i want to mod myself to 100 and unlock some camos…[NOT PAY FOR CAMOS/ONYX] how’d you make it look all legit? Because i want lvl 100+ camos so bad :anguished: and i dont want to get banned from gow3…only have 1 account plus its my brothers O.O…I’ve modded some games b4 but only where i wouldnt get caught and ive heard about ppl getting banned on this.


I went from 52 to 100, unlocked all camos, excu., etc. and didn’t get banned. this was about 3 months ago, put the game in last night and BOOM still at 100 ps I didn’t realize you need the dlc to prestige (re up) so it wont give you the option unless you have fenix rising dlc. so I bought it and re-up’ed NO ProBlems


so i already hit the level cap legit (400) i have every character unlocked not including beta cole train and other pre order bonuses, my legit K/D is 2.1 i have every achievement in the game except for seriously 3.0 obviously, i have 35 of the onyx medals unlocked legit, but i want to get seriously 3.0 and a couple of the weapon skins like golden lancer and stuff like that. Feel free to add me on xbox GT: Archphoenix488. i just want to know if i should mod the rest of the medals to onyx but im not sure if its worth it since every medal i have is atleast silver legit and im not exactly looking forward to a ban since gears is one of the only games im good at.


i jumped 400 levels in 1 day (second account), unlocked everything in game and 3 weeks later, no ban


Probably because they aren’t paying as much attention. Keep in mind a lot of people did this at launch, not 2 years later.


yeah, i havent seen any news on this, so just kind of putting some info in
you mind if i ask you a question or two, as so far i havent found any answer yet?
If i mod Adam Fenix onto my account using the GoW3 profile editor, does he become a choosable character, or do I have to redo the process if i choose some other character?
Also, is there some way to make the Dev. camo choosable, or do I always have to move it back on with Horizon?


Im really new to this whole modding stats thing but how do I mod my online stats like for quick match TDM or KOTH and stuff every time I try nothing sticks it remains the same?


I think it flags the console to be checked more often more mods.


i want to just mod my sensitivity but no im like **** i dnt want 2 get banned so **** yo wat can i do


You can change your sensitivity with the in-game options menu.


I wasn’t console banned, and I gave myself everything. No one in my family pack were banned either. I even played on their accounts and modded those too


Can someone post the most legit stats you can get as a level 99 in Gears ? I want to try it on my 2nd account


There is NO reason to post in this thread any longer.

You will not get banned…you could make 100 accounts…mod everything to Max even add medals/gun skins that are for devs only…or skins from the marketplace you have not bought… You will not get banned on any…even if reported.

You dont have to be careful with the numbers…if you give yourself onyx MVP medal with 0 MVP ribbons this will not trigger a ban…it really doesnt matter…Epic no longer cares since Gow J came out…in Fact they Sold gears of war to microsoft.


Does it work for you? Do you get banned or no?