Regarding Ghost Recon: Wildlands

We’ve decided not to release a trainer for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands on WeMod. Though @STN has successfully hacked the game and got it working with Infinity, the hack requires a kernel-mode driver to be installed on the system. Infinity currently doesn’t support this, but we will think about adding it in the future. Please be aware that there are only a few games that require this, and installing a driver is particularly invasive - albeit not as invasive as the game’s anti-cheat itself…


I hope it does get released. I’ll just play it on the ps4 pro for now.

i bought the game today.

yeah i hope you guys can release a version on the infinity app because thats the reason i love the app so much just launch and go, no messing with game files on running any extra programs my computer sees as a threat. it sucks cause i aint trying to troll online or anything i just wanna bomb around in single player

Until V3 comes out it won’t be possible. We released a standalone trainer here: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer


You can blame Ubisoft for this. They decided to make single player cheating a crime like multiplayer and install these drivers that requires…well installing our own drivers to bypass it.

Your security software rightfully sees it as threat because the driver is unsigned and to allow loading unsigned drivers into your windows can have devastating effects in case of actual malware.

So yeah, focking Ubisoft.


well all i gotta say is you guys do great work and i for one appreciate the awesome job you guys do.

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