Regarding Level Balancing

I rest my case.

Destiny is a terrible game /thread

Prob using health hacks.

Eh, this has been posted or expressed a million different times on many different forums, but, just like in those other threads/posts, I understand where you are coming from…I’ve seen people get rewarded exotic weapons even though they contributed next to nothing.

Obviously Bungie will be updating the engrams this coming Tuesday so the engram(s) earned actually gift you an item of that same engram status, but, as for the RNG in Missions/Strikes/Crucible/etc., I’m curious if Bungie has any plans to fixing the issues of people doing well getting nothing while people who preform poorly get everything.

…in time the game will be amazing, you just have to give Bungie time; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Open Me

Dude I’m level 2. I didn’t mean engram or reward. I meant that low levels are just as able to fight as others are.

Destiny has been a work in progress for many years since before they finished their last halo title. It still is a work in progress and will always be for many years to come.

A mote of light pisses you off? how about a exotic for the last place who didn’t kill anything and got killed +10?

You’re right.
…I’ve seen so many of these styled pictures, pictures of the end-game leaderboard, and so I assumed you were referring to the rewards. I’m guessing you were using the stock auto-rifle and all of the other white, common gear one gets at the start of the game?

No one said that. Oh my god when will people learn to read.

Yeah no powers or jump or melee ability. Just guns. Hand cannon ftw

Hmmm…you win this…for now. Going to go look for something else to complain about.

Impressive, especially since you had the highest K/D ratio as well.
Thanks for sharing!

It was actually really refreshing to treat the game with no special buffs. It actually made it feel like a shooter and not a pow pow pow super super grenade grenade