Regarding the Achievement Unlocker

Hi all,

I am seriously considering upgrading to Diamond to make use of the achievement unlocker.

I have spent quite some time researching the best way to make use of the achievement unlocker and have read a lot about all the risks involved. I made my own checklist to ensure I minimize the risk of getting banned.

I used to have Xbox Live Gold; and used my account normally without any modding. I have not been online with my xbox for about 10 months, only checked maybe 3 times since for messages on Xbox 360 - Official Site - I have however been playing offline; getting all achievements legit. I have about 3000 more GS than when I last used my xbox online 10 months ago (on my games played and achievements have obviously not changed for 10 months) After the summer, I want to go online again with my profile.

So here’s the deal: basically what I want to do is add some achievements to the games I have played whilst not being online for 10 months. These games are all listed as "Last played: offline’’ on the xbox. I’m interested in stuff like complete campaign on Hard, or play X game for 10 hours, finish campaign level 5 without dying etc. I will NOTbe touching any online (Xbox Live/Co-op) achievements; instead I will unlock offline and in the correct order. Therefore instead of a game having 350 GS, it might jump up to about 600. Again, I’m not interested in Online achievements due to the risk of ban.

However; I was also thinking about adding a couple of achievements to games I played before10 months ago, and therefore DO NOT OWN anymore. My question is: does the order of the games in which they appear on my profile as ‘‘Last played’’ matter? Obviously if a game says ‘‘Last played 05/05/2008’’ it would be stupid to add achievements to it, since I can no longer play it and therefore the date of which it was ‘‘Last played’’ will not change. For example, if I now only have 10 achievements with a date last played in 2008 and suddenly when I go back online after the summer and the game has 20 achievements but still the same date, it will be very odd. However, there are also some games in my list which I played years ago although I never played them online; these appear as "Last played: offline’’. If I were to add some achievements to these games; would it matter that they remain near the bottom of my games list? I would then have two games which were last played online a couple of years ago (of which the achievements will remain untouched) and in between these two, games which were only played offline with some added achievements. Is this too much of a risk? If so, I will just touch up on the games I have played over the past 10 months.

Sorry for the long post but it’s really the only question I have left after reading up on many tutorials and tips.

My “Last played” has always been screwed up, everytime I recover my account it re-orders everything in a different way each time, I’ve been using the same account for more than 2 years and had no problems with that so I don’t think that would be an issue for you as far as you obviously don’t mod any online achievements and haven’t been in Live for 10 months

Well there is always a risk in modding, but if you’re as careful as this you should be ok to mod games that you don’t own any more since you’ve been offline for so long, just remember there is always some risk.

Thanks for the replies. I have just tried on a dummy account and realized the achievement pictures of the one’s I just unlocked aren’t showing up. I read you have to connect to Xbox Live for these to sync; is this correct? Also; is there anyway to see this; because if I unlock 30 achievements before connecting to Live; I imagine it will raise attention as the achievement pics will need to sync first?

I’ve had this issue when modding achevis online also, it simply just doesn’t show the photo and it never updates even when sync’d online fully… It may just be an issue I came across, but it’s possible it happens to you too.

You’re going to get alot of replies saying you’ll get banned, or you have a chance, but honestly, I’ve gotten away with modding 100k GS in one setting and I modded 17k on my main in one setting, no ban. Really just don’t go past 10k for safeness. Maybe 2k a day or something. Almost guaranteed no ban.

I will still stick to modding offline achievements only, as date-stamping an achievement while I wasn’t even connected to Xbox Live at that specific time seems incredibly risky to me.

But, what about the achievement pictures, how come they are not showing up?

They don’t show up in Horizon either, just a picture of a trophy? On the Xbox I see an ‘‘empy’’ image.

Must I connect to Live to sync these pictures? Is simply logging in enough, or do I need to play each game? Do I need to sign in and recover gamertag?

Thanks again for the replies.

The risk of being banned for achievements is so low, you are basically invisible.
But, you do need to sync your account to live for the pictures to show up.

So simply logging in to Xbox Live is enough. No need to play each game or recover my gamertag?

Syncing is just a process that happens automatically by the Xbox 360 simply by loading up a live enabled game and sitting and the multiplayer menu, or just simply leaving the Xbox 360 at the dashboard for about 20 minutes for them to fully sync.

I think it’s more of a “glitch”. As I stated, it happaned to me and it stayed as unlocked but no picture showed up even after logging onto xbox live.

I’ll be the obvious one here and say while Lolzor is right, to a point, you can still get banned even modding 1 achevi. I know people who have done 10k, like me, and were fine for 2 years then got reset.
And then I know people who modded 5 achevis offline and then connected back to xbox live and they got reset within 2 days. It’s all about luck, or them not noticing.

Well, they probably did more modifications than just acheevos. It’s basically impossible for them to catch you if the offline-able acheevos are unlocked offline over a period of time. No proof could be provided that you didn’t unlock them offline, in which-case you did, technically. Offline with Horizon while your account was on your PC :wink:

OK, understood.

Now last question: roughly how many achievements can unlock before going on Live? I havn’t been online in 10 months, all the achievements I have unlocked since there have been legit.

If I were to sign in with now with 25 achievements not having their pictures, would this not be very risky?

Actually, since the last time you was online, was about 10 months, you have a large gap in which you can unlock alot of single player games, but yes. Since the gamer pictures have no picture, it’s not necessarily a risk, but it might be a little suspicious, not really noticeable though. As soon as you go online, the pictures will probably sync properly, and if not, wait a bit (maybe 10 minutes) and recover your account.

Ok, so basically as long as nobody notices, I should be fine. Of course I have no idea about Microsoft, but I believe being reported by another gamer is the biggest risk in being banned. Too many people openly sharing their GT or boasting about their GS; obviously the more attention you ask for the bigger the risk of being caught…

Would you say 20 ‘‘non-legit’’ achievements is too much? I also have plenty of achievements I unlocked legit, so that should not be a problem. I’m just worried about the achievement pictures syncing quickly.

That should be fine. I have 640 unlegit acheevos and no ban for me.

Surely not 640 in one go, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this has been months and months since people have read this but to help the “unsynced” achievement pictures you can delete your profile JUST the profile and re download it and it’s all synced up!

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