Region Free on JTAG/RGH


I have a copy of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (PAL) for Xbox.

I am attempting to play this on my JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 but when I insert the game I am told that the region code does not match the console.

Is there a way to still play this game on my Xbox or am I out of luck?

Install dash launch or find a region free copy.

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Thanks for the quick response!

I have DashLaunch - can you let me know what I should be setting to make it work? I currently have it set to hold RB on title launch to spoof for all regions.

If its a jtag / rgh should work no matter just download a game rip of jurassic park and put it on your hdd
Dashlaunch should be able to remove region limits

Is there anything I need to do within Dashlaunch to remove the limits? I have ripped the game from the disc in FS3.

Also I was just checking on the compatibility list and the game shows as being backwards incompatible for PAL 50HZ - is it possible I am getting this message cause the game is that format?

OK, I solved this. Turns out I did not have the correct hacked compatibility files on my HDDX folder.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Oh its an original xbox game ? !!

Yeah super sorry I was not specific, probably would have helped me find the answer quicker.