Reinstalling problems

I tired to reinstall infinity due to a bug in my launcher not making cheats work.

Due to it not working, I tried everything on the fourms and stuff and it never worked.

Here’s the error:

The installation has failed:

There was an error while installing the application.
Check the setup log for more information and contact
the author.

basically same here

nothing works but i’m talking to a dev, as soon as he fixes it i’ll let you know what he did to fix it

ok for me the problem was deleting C:\Users\PC\AppData\Local\Infinity and then re download the program. if that doesn’t work check your anti virus and exclude infinity from being inspected.

If that doesn’t work send me the setup.log and I’ll have a look at it

Thx guys,

OMG it worked you people are amazing.

So, I’m having a similar problem. I deleted the folder mentioned, but when I download the setup.exe from the main page I get ‘Failed to Download :(’ and nothing else.

I had this problem before as well. Someone had to give me a direct download of 4 which worked. AV has been disabled, so nothing should be stopping it.

Try this one here

That one got me back to 4., however I was one of the people having the high CPU leaks with it. I mistakenly thought 5.0 was out, but apparently it’s only out for Pro members right now so I have to wait a bit, one person said it fixes the high CPU stuff, so kinda holding out for it. Cheating is great, but not when you get like 10 frames per second and games are unplayable.