[RELEASE] Black Ops II GPD Editor

Hello XboxMB here is your early Christmas present! Anyway, basically this program will extract the encrypted files in your gpd. It will also save them back in and re-encrypt them so the game will read them.

Don’t get too excited, it’s not like Black Ops 1 where the title settings are in plain sight and you can modify all the .set commands. You will be able to see all of the data in the gpd, the only problem is you must look at this data in a hex editor and there is no way to tell which setting is which (yet).

You can change settings in Black Ops and compare the differences to figure out where some settings are stored which will probably be what I start doing.

I released the program because with a group effort someone may be able to find some exploit using this. Currently there are really no mods, besides like modding sensitivity (lol).

Here is the link:

Open Me


Password: XboxMB

Anyway in closing I would like to thank Dwack for some PPC help and some other info. I added a file called “reftable” which may hint hint help with some things, it’s from the xex.

It may have some bugs in it because I was only using it for myself, etc. It should be fine as long as you just open the gpd you extract from horizon and not your profile.

If anyone could help me get my TTG account back that would be awesome, I was IP banned a month ago for logging on at school and someone at school got IP banned which got me banned (???)

**If you have any problems or want the source, PM me.

So…I can use this to unlock the calling cards?

@Masaki please just READ…

Honestly I don’t know. Maybe get a _mp.dat output, then get a new _mp.dat after you change the calling card or whatever then compare differences. You might be able to figure out something that way. Using HxD -> Analysis -> Compare

Currently there are really no mods, besides like modding sensitivity (lol).

I was thinking he meant there’s not like EZ MODE button. Mah bad, geez.

Tried, files are identical.

I’ll check it out. Did you compare any of the other ones? _zo is for zombies but when you change buttons configuration, the changes go there. Not sure but it may be the same way for calling cards…?

i didnt but i can one sec

all are identical

Calling cards may be server side then. I know clan tag and custom classes are now…


I changed from Elite Founder-> Elite Member (Green to Orange). I’ll replace the values and see if when I go back I am a founder again.

Not a founder again, calling cards are server side.

is this for USB??? Sorry im stupid :anguished:

It will work for USB, sure.

stupid question but what exactly can you mod with the tool

if i understand correctly, currently, nothing. It is not a tool to mod, but simply to extract and read the contents of the gpd so it can be modded once it has been “read”.

Yes basically. There is a lot of “info” in the .dat files. Looking in the xex may help figure out how some of it works. But currently no mods and a lot of things are server side.

It may be a pointless tool, I just figured I would release it because it’s not doing anyone any good sitting on my desktop, you know.

Wondering if you have AIM so I can talk to you about further development and research. If so, please IM me on AIM: God.ly

niceeee relase due

edit: Nice release dude. xD something went wrong.

How do you mod the Sensitivity With it? Sorry I Don’t mod this kind of stuff.

is this for USB??? Sorry im stupid

Can anybody help me mod my black ops 2 multiplayer rank?