[RELEASE] Deus Ex Human Revolution Editor

Hey guys, here is my Editor for Deus Ex.

NOTE: Only use the Editor IF you are past the Prologue & download “Fixed freezing issue.rar” if you have freezing problems.


Version 3.5

= location

N = normal
U = upgraded
1 = 1

#1 = location 1
N#1 = normal location 1
U#1 = upgraded location 1

Green color = new location (current?)
DarkKhaki color = old location

Note: inventory should support upgraded items, if not then use the custom iD search.

.: Tutorial :.

  1. Click on the “Open” button > select your GAMER# or GAMEA# file.
  2. See if your values are correct ( if you aren’t sure then edited all locations)
  3. edit your xp/prax/item values.
    3.click the “save” button
  4. you’re done now, you don’t need to rehash your file again with another tool like modio or horizon.

.: Custom ID Search Tutorial :.

  1. Each item/wpn/etc. has an ID.
  2. Each normal ID starts with “00” and ends with “00” and each upgraded ID starts with “00” and ends with “01”
  3. The maximum length of an ID = 10 hexadecimal values.
  4. Checkout the Item ID list, if you want to search for painkillers then copy the ID of painkillers from the Item Id List “001F5101” and paste in the search box, make sure the ID ends with “00” like this --> “001F510100” <-- = (normal ID) | (Upgraded ID) = -->> “001F510101”
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. Edit the available locations.
  7. save.

.: Inventory Items/Wpns Tutorial :.

1.a. if you are at the start/beginning of the game then click the DarkKhaki “My old value??” button.
1.b. if you are not at the start/beginning of the game then click the green “my current value??” button.
1.c . if you are not sure (lol) then scan and edit all locations ( or you can test each locations with custom ID search)
2. click the “max all” button
3. save.

To use just open your GAMER# or GAMEA# file.

BIG Thanks to “feudalnate” and “Sephiroth” for re-coding the Editor to work with all saves and for adding the Rehash/Resign code to it. Thanks to “eLif” and “Ravanofdarkness” for supplying the saves and to “mbrking” for finding the Offset for Difficulty. The Editor takes 1-2 years to load the save after you load it, so be patient.

!UPDATE v2011 v3.4 Editor has been re-coded and has a new look to it. The Editor auto extracts after you press “Open” and auto injects/Rehashs/Resigns the save for you after you press “Save”. (BIG Thanks to Sephiroth for this update!)


Post a virus scan.

you people and your scans…

LOL I posted the scan :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s clean :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this, it will come in handy once i get the game. I’ll probably play it legit first and then use this for my second playthrough. Just went ahead and ordered the Augmented edition, can’t wait to play it, looks epic and could be a possible GOTY candidate.

Skyrim will win GOTY :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt know the game was out yet. thanks

It’s not out, but it has been leaked.

Nicely done idle. Keep it up.
looking good so far.

!UPDATE v1.4!: Added the option to mod Difficulty.

has anyone got a save that starts them in montreal cos mine crashs right as u get on the heli.

p.s your editor is awesome

Doesn’t seem to work for me mate. Maybe i am doin something completely wrong tho (new to save editing)
I download a save file from my freeboot Xbox and extract savegame.sav with Horizon but editor gets the values completely wrong for some reason. Sometimes it finds xp and praxis okay, but money value is completely wrong everytime. Even after i edit and save it, replace sav in horizon and uploaded to xbox nothing changes. Dunno why :anguished:
(i can provide saves and values, for you to look at)
Can someone post a save just after a prologue with like 100 praxis and money please?

i having some problem here, after editing save the save i replace the gamesave.sav file the size of the game1 becomes 4mb(original size 2mb). any way after that i rehash/resign the game1 file and then load it back to xbox hdd. when i load the game its loads fine but with original values not the edited credit/xp/praxis…
Can you tell me what am i doing wrong so i can correct the method to work it…

Can you host it on another site aswell,i’ve been unable to connect to mediafire for a few days now.

nice one there dude :smiley:

Singularitys Tutorial:

Nice tool!

was about to say you guys are fast. great job… lets just hope ur mod works after the game price drops.

Tool doesn’t work. I did everything right, and nothing shows up on the xbox, I’ve tried it twice.

The tool has been updated, they just have not loaded the updated version over to here, their is multiple offsets and the new version now handles that issue. They have it up at 360haven fyi