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[RELEASE] Deus Ex Human Revolution Editor


Try editing the correct location.
If you don’t know which location is correct then try editing all of the locations.

Still doesnt work you say?
Try the custom ID search and see if any of your items/wpns are upgraded.

Painkillers for example;
If the item: painkiller is upgraded and you try editing all of the [N] (normal) locations of painkiller then you will not see any changes in the game.

Q: Why not?

A: Because the upgraded item ID is different.
Normal ID ends with 00 and upgraded ID ends with 01.

Normal and upgraded item/wpn id’s can have many locations and by many i mean more than 30 different location but don’t worry, tool find’s 4 correct locations yet one of the 4 location has your current value.


Do I really need 1 praxis so the game won’t freeze since I’m at the beginning? I just want to rush through it to get the pacifist achievement.


Pretty good program man I find this very useful :wink:


Ofcourse, tool is good,useful and free… what more do you want lol.


For those struggling to open and edit their saves. Here’s some steps I used.

Hardware I Used: Windows 7 PC, Xbox 360 (not modded), 2GB USB flash drive (formatted on Xbox for game saves) with only one Deus Ex save that I wanted to mod.

Apps: Modio / Latest Deus Ex Save Editor posted here

  1. Downloaded latest Modio (just google search). This will be used to “extract” the save file.
  2. Saved a game onto the USB drive, exited to main menu and pulled out of 360.
  3. Plugged USB drive into PC.
  4. Opened Modio. Chose “Open from a Device”.
  5. Window will appear called “Select a profile…” select only one that was there and click Select. Click Select again on Deus Ex: Human Rev.
  6. Near the top of the next Window under General Info tab you will see a “show file” button and click that.
  7. An explorer window will appear with the GAMER# (GAMER1, GAMER3, etc whichever game save slot you selected).
  8. Copied file to my Deus Ex Save Editor folder (you could save it to your desktop if you wanted).
  9. Opened Deus Ex Save Editor. Clicked Open and navigated to GAMER2 (I saved slot 2, but it may be a different number depending on your game save slot).
  10. I chose not to edit XP/Praxis since I had none at the time. So I clicked no.
  11. Clicked Inventory and clicked Current Value??. Waited as it scanned file. You will see PLEASE WAIT. Just wait until it says something like WAKE UP COMPLETE.
  12. Changed values or added inventory etc. (I had mixed results with adding ammo. sometimes it would work, sometimes not).
  13. Clicked Save when completed and clicked Exit to close save editor.
  14. Back in the Modio program, choose “Load File”.
  15. Navigate to modded save file location and Open. (Original file that has been modded you extracted to your computer).
    15.With new file loaded in Modio, choose “save to device” to save it to your USB flash drive.
  16. Closed Modio and plugged USB flash drive into 360. Then loaded a gamesave in Deus Ex. I had extra ammo and added inventory items I added from editor! (I can’t seem to always get added items like 900 10mm rounds)

Hope that helps. To the OP, GREAT SAVE EDITOR! YOU ARE THE MAN!


I’m sure this is easily fixable but why, when I try to open my file does the tool give me an error?

If it’s to do with .net framework I’m working with an oldish xp laptop and .net 4 doesn’t get on well with it…

Thanks in advance for any help.


LOL I posted the scan :stuck_out_tongue:


I may sound stupid but how to get the fixed freezing issue rar


Even more crazy is this is 7 years old !!
@Chris. @STN